How to crop a pdf when using the ps2pdf converter via -dEPSCrop

Often I find myself converting eps or ps to pdf files for inclusion in a latex document using the ps2pdf converter. The problem is that often when using ps2pdf I get a large white border around the figure of interest in my pdf file which was not included in the eps file. Obviously this is annoying when trying to include the graphic in a latex file surrounded by text. The solution comes with using the -dEPSCrop option.

The following flags will remedy the problem.

lindon$ ps2pdf -dPDFSETTINGS=/prepress -dEPSCrop test.eps

Now the pdf doesn’t included the unnecessary white space border.

  • Vasily Zhukovsky

    Dear Lindon,

    Thank you for your kind post. However, when I try to implement this on my .ps file it does not do as it did for you. It still gives me a pdf file with lots of white space and the figure in the bottom left corner of the page. Do you know what might be going wrong?