Newtons Iteration in Scala, Clojure and Haskell Comparison

Newton’s iterations is an algorithm for computing the square root of a number n. It also makes a nice “Hello World” program if you find yourself doing a lot of optimization. Here is how it looks in Haskell, Clojure and Scala


update y x = 0.5*(x+y/x)
foo = (iterate (update 100) 1000)
foobar = zip foo (tail foo)
notconverged tol x = if (abs(a-b)/abs(b) > tol) then True else False
    a = fst x
    b = snd x
map (\x -> fst x) $ takeWhile (notconverged (0.000001)) foobar


(use '(incanter core stats charts io))
(defn sqroot [y x] (* 0.5 (+ x (/ y x))))
(def updater (partial sqroot 16))
(defn converged? [x] (> (abs (- (first x) (last x))) 0.0000001))
(map (fn [x] (first x)) (take-while converged? (partition 2 1 (iterate updater 100))))


import breeze.numerics.abs
def UpdateCurry(r: Double)(x: Double) = 0.5*(x+r/x)
val tolerance=0.0000001
val desiredSQRoot=16
val Update=UpdateCurry(desiredSQRoot)_
val iterates = Iterator.iterate(1.0) { x => Update(x) }
def ConvergedCurry(tol: Double)(x: Seq[Double]): Boolean = abs(x(0)-x(1))/abs(x(0))<tol
val Converged=ConvergedCurry(tolerance)_
val trace=iterates.sliding(2).takeWhile( x=> !Converged(x)).toList